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Do you want to make a positive difference and see mental health improved for people across the country? Do you know someone who has fought, or is struggling with, mental health? My Bonner Youth Mental Health Forum is a great opportunity for 18- to 25-year-olds, from across Bonner, to unite and tackle this important issue.

To make this event as practical and beneficial as possible, I am partnering with Tom and Wilson, from ‘You are Not Alone’. They are two young men, from Brisbane, who are on a mission to help people around Australia to know that they are not alone, and that people care. They are passionate about educating and equipping young people with the skills needed to support a friend who may be struggling. Registrations for the Bonner Youth Mental Health Forum are now open, through my website!


We all know the Bayside is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Unfortunately, everywhere I go, Bonner locals continue to tell me anecdotes and stories about robberies and other crimes. The disappointing inaction on this issue is frustrating, and hurting Queenslanders.

St Pete’s Pantry recently reached out to my office, letting me know they had been robbed.

The not-for-profit charity makes an invaluable contribution to our local Bayside community, by providing free grocery hampers to those suffering homelessness or struggling to make ends meet. Marilyne and the team were even named ‘Community Group of the Year’, at my Bonner Bright Star Awards last year. Unfortunately, the thieves took their laptop and sentimental Bonner Bright Star Award. While I have been able to organise a replacement medal for Marilyne and the team at St Pete’s Pantry, many items are not so easily replaceable. The increasing frequency of crime is causing long-lasting, negative impacts on individuals, businesses and even charities, as they struggle to bounce back.


Introducing the 2024 Bonner Youth Advisory Council (BYAC)! Our 2024 council is the biggest council we have ever had, and I am already so impressed by their ideas! The students represent many Bonner schools, including Moreton Bay College, Moreton Bay Boy’s College and Iona College.

BYAC is an opportunity for students in years ten, eleven and twelve to gain a better understanding of our Australian Government, and to investigate and report on issues that are important to them. In our first meeting, we discussed many important topics such as the youth crime crisis, the importance of consent, and cost of living difficulties. I am so excited to get to know these bright minds, and to see where the year takes us!

Ross Vasta MP Federal Member for Bonner

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