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We all know the Bayside is one of the liveliest communities within Brisbane. Thank you to all the locals who sew into our area by planning events for us all to enjoy! Might I say, we have some exciting ones coming up this month…

A Sunday morning out with the community, raising money for a great cause and getting some vitamin D, is a Sunday well spent in my book! Richie’s Rainbows annual “Walk the Bay for Richie” Fun Run is happening on the 26th of May. Participants can either walk or run the 5km to 10km routes along Lota, Wynnum and Manly Bay at 10:30am (registrations are $25 and open at 9:00am). There will be food trucks, entertainment, and great prizes on the day!

We also have Pups in the Park coming up! This event is as fun as the name suggests, and a great day out for the whole family – even our ‘furbabies’. Locals can bring their K-9 companions down to Elanora Park from 10am until 3pm, also on Sunday the 26th of May, for obedience, dancing with dogs, and the best-dressed pooch parade! Thank you to the Bayside Community Fund for organising Pups in the Park.


What a fantastic result for the Bayside, at the recent Brisbane City Council election. Councillors Alex Givney and Lisa Atwood have officially been sworn in as the elected representatives for Wynnum-Manly and Doboy Wards respectively! We are so lucky to have two accomplished community leaders standing up for us in the council with Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner.

Congratulations to Alex on officially being named the new Councillor for Wynnum Manly Ward, and to Lisa and her team for retaining Doboy Ward (with an even greater margin). I applaud both women for having conducted themselves with integrity and positivity throughout their entire campaigns. Well done Alex and Lisa!

I am so excited to be working with the councillors on many exciting projects in the future. This is a game-changer for the Bayside!


Oz Fish is a Bonner organisation making a great contribution to our local environment. With a crew based on Moreton Island, many of their projects are seen from below sea level. It has been great to chat with the team about their ‘Shellfish Reef Restoration’ project. Did you know that every recycled oyster shell will provide a home for as many as 10 baby oysters? Wow!

Oz Fish collects shells from businesses and restaurants across Brisbane, and packages them into Robust Oyster Baskets (ROBs). I was able to secure funding for OzFish to build an oyster speed washer – to speed up the work previously done by hand. This has allowed the team to work more efficiently. Since starting the ROBs project, Oz Fish has been able to place 3000 ROBs in the bay!

69 Clara Street, Wynnum QLD 4178
Telephone: 07 3893 3488
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: RossVastaMP
Instagram: rossvastamp

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