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Community Grants

Grants are a fantastic opportunity to deliver upgrades, improvements or growth opportunities for community organisations. There are several grants that are currently open for local community groups.

Firstly, round 7 of the Community Sustainability Action Grants – Community Sustainable Spaces is offering grants of up to $50,000 for projects that focus on connecting communities to their natural and green urban landscapes to:

  • Improve community engagement and access with the natural environment and green urban spaces
  • Deliver good environmental outcomes (for example, by improving habitat for Queensland native species)
  • support circular economy initiatives, such as local organics reuse
  • help to address food poverty and/or food security in local communities.

Applications close 4pm on Thursday 16 February 2023. All applications must be submitted using the online SmartyGrants application system.

Secondly, the $100K Super Round of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund is now open. The super-sized round is an opportunity to encourage local organisations to think big and apply for a GCBF grant of up $100,000.

These grants can be used for items such as vehicles and sporting equipment, building upgrades, specialised training and more.

You don’t need to hire a professional grant writer to apply – you can tell your story in your own words. The Super Round is open for eligible groups to apply until midnight on 28 February 2023.

March 2023 Lucky Bingo [Bingo]

Baysiders can take part in my Lucky Bingo competition, starting next month! From 1 March 2023, I will be posting a number each weekday on my Facebook page and in my front office window.

The rules are simple: if you have the corresponding number on your bingo card, cross it off until you have no more numbers remaining on your card.

The first person to cross off their entire card using the numbers that I supply will WIN my fabulous prize hamper!

It’s free to participate in my Lucky Bingo competition. Simply visit my office Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm before 1 March 2023 to collect your bingo card, then keep an eye out for my daily lucky number announcements.

Celebrating 8 Years Standing up for the Bayside

31 January 2023 marks 8 years since I was elected by baysiders as the State Member for Lytton, so I would like to take the time to thank you all for your support.

Every day of the past 8 years has been rewarding and inspiring, and it has been a pleasure to deliver improvements to benefit the Lytton electorate, and the locals who call our bayside home.

I look forward to continuing to stand up for the bayside, to ensure Lytton remains an incredible bayside destination, and a wonderful place to call home.



School Zone Safety

Bayside schools have now returned for the year, so it is very important that as locals, we remain vigilant when around our schools.

School zones can become very busy during peak hour and term time, and young children may not have the same road awareness levels, so please ensure that you follow the signposted speed limit of 40 km/hr and drive with care around pedestrian areas, crossings and set-down zones.

Together, we can ensure young baysiders can have a safe journey to and from our local schools.



Manly Boat Harbour Parking Upgrade

The Manly Boat Harbour is an integral part of our bayside’s social, cultural and economic landscape, so I am very pleased to announce that the northern carpark within the Manly Boat Harbour has undergone sizeable alterations to improve the efficiency of the space.

Following the engagement of a traffic engineer in 2021, the following changes have been made to the carpark:

  • Direction of some carparking bays altered to create extra parking spaces and improve access of Car Trailer Units (CTUs);
  • Shared zones relocated to the northern end of the carpark and the addition of new shared zone types to better regulate the parking of single car vehicles; and
  • Improved signage and arrow markings installed around the carpark.

These changes have delivered 63 CTU bays, 16 shared no-limit bays and 31 bays shared from 13:30am to 12am, whilst better prioritising the parking locations of CTUs. It’s a big win for bayside boaties.

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