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Lindum Station Accessibility Upgrade

Baysiders, the Lindum Station Accessibility Upgrade is full steam ahead. Lindum Station has now closed to the public to build new platforms, a new footbridge with lift access and many other outstanding accessibility features.

Queensland Rail have advised me that the construction team has been working hard this month on demolishing parts of the existing platform and the old footbridge, and are currently installing foundations and pilings, clearing vegetation and conducting geotechnical surveys. I am advised that the new platform construction will commence later this month.

I am excited to continue keeping Baysiders updated on the station works!

Energy Bill Relief

Baysiders – don’t forget to check your electricity bill, you could be making big savings!

All Queenslanders have received an automatic $550 off their bills, with pension and concession card holders receiving an even bigger rebate of $1072.

This relief is great news for Baysiders and their families in helping to ease cost of living pressures.

If you have any questions about the rebate, please contact your electricity supplier.

This Month on the Pease Podcast

In this episode of the Pease Podcast, I talk about everything good news with The Community Leader’s Damien Lugg.

Damien Lugg is the Director of Market to Market Communications, better known to locals as the publisher of this newspaper, The Community Leader.

Tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube to learn more about Damien’s extensive experience in publishing and media, and how he is restoring access to independent publishing, one story at a time. Simply search ‘The Pease Podcast’.

Improving Womens’ Health

As a female, a mother and a strong advocate for women, I am very excited to announce that the Queensland Government is making it possible for hormonal contraception to be prescribed by appropriately trained community pharmacists.

Women and girls aged 16 and older will be able to access a range of hormonal contraceptives through their local pharmacy.

Pharmacists will be required to complete additional clinical training to provide this service, which will be made available to pharmacists in the coming months.

This initiative will ease the burden on GPs, freeing up appointments for Baysiders.

The service is expected to be available from July 2024.

New Women and Girls’ Health Strategy

I am very excited to announce that the Miles Labor Government is delivering a brand new
$1 billion Women and Girls’ Health Strategy.

Almost 12,000 Queenslanders shared their experiences and suggestions on how to improve the health of women and girls, including in areas of mental health and wellbeing, chronic
health conditions such as endometriosis and pelvic pain, maternity care for mums and bubs, and sexual and reproductive health.

Baysiders can visit my website at to read more about the new Strategy.

PO Box 719, Wynnum QLD 4178
(07) 3915 1100
[email protected]

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