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Massive $1300 Energy Bill Relief

I am incredibly excited that every Baysider will see $1,300 slashed from their energy bill, with $1,000 up front from the Queensland Government and an extra $300 from the Federal Government.

That means most Bayside households won’t pay a cent on their energy bill until March 2025.

It’s only possible because we’re making the multinational mining companies pay their fair share and because we kept our energy assets in public hands.

All Aboard for 50 Cent Fares

The Miles Labor Government is leading the nation by delivering another massive cost of living measure to Baysiders, as well as easing congestion.

From 5 August 2024, the cost of Translink public transport services across Queensland will be slashed to 50 cents, no matter where you live or how far you travel. Our number one priority as a government is taking pressure off household budgets. This initiative is just one part of our Queensland State Budget 2024-2024, which is delivering the most cost-of-living relief in Queensland’s history.

20% off Car Registration

I’m delighted that the Miles Labor Government is taking 20% off car and ute rego for all Queenslanders from 5 August. For most Baysiders, that works out to a saving of $85 on your four-cylinder car.

The reduction will apply to the registration fee and the traffic improvement fee for all light vehicles, including trailers, regardless of whether they are used for personal or business purposes.

This is in addition to a freeze on motor vehicle registration fees in 2024-25, meaning Baysiders can make the most of this incredible cost of living relief.

Kick off Sooner with 200,000 FairPlay Vouchers

It’s no secret that Baysiders LOVE their sport, so I’m excited that the Miles Labor Government is giving the FairPlay voucher program a $33.5 million funding boost to $40 million, helping Queensland families to get their kids aged between 5 and 17 years involved in sport and recreation activities.

In this year’s Budget, the value of the vouchers will increase from $150 to up to $200, to help reduce the cost of sports memberships, registration and participation fees for families.

The number of vouchers for the program has also increased from up to 50,000 to 200,000.

FairPlay ensures more Queensland children have access to sports and active recreation activities such as rugby league, AFL, netball, BMX, table tennis, basketball, orienteering and abseiling.

This Month on the Pease Podcast

In this episode, I’m thrilled to talk with Melissa, a local author with an international reach, a captivating storyteller, mother, and strong health and youth advocate.

We’ll be discussing the launch of her latest book, her inspiration, and the importance of fostering an inclusive and welcoming community for our young people.

Melissa’s book, “Chloe and Tom,” explores the sibling relationship in the context of Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic condition not widely known.

Through her personal experiences, Melissa shares the journey of raising a son with Fragile X and the positive impact it has had on her family.

We’ll also talk about the therapies and support systems that have helped her son, Tom, thrive. Join us as we uncover Melissa’s inspiring story, the challenges and triumphs of living with Fragile X Syndrome, and the enduring bond between siblings.

Subscribe to the Pease Podcast and stay tuned for more stories of the extraordinary individuals who make Lytton the vibrant place it is today.

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