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Our new Redlands Satellite Hospital at Meissner Street, Redland Bay has been open for a few weeks now! Many Redlanders have reported what a fantastic service the team is offering and it has been wonderful to hear about Cancer patients like William that are now able to get there chemotherapy services so much closer to home! The facility includes a Minor Injury and Illness Clinic which is open to patients seven days a week from 8am until 10pm. Appointments with Queensland Health clinicians will be available in consult and treatment rooms for services including neurology, cardiology, older persons care, wound care, musculoskeletal, allied health, and mental health services. The Redlands Satellite Hospital is providing a range of convenient specialist services including chemotherapy and kidney dialysis treatment. This new facility is proving that locals are getting the fantastic healthcare they need closer to home – and this is something I am really proud of.


We’re doubling the Climate Smart Savers Program! The $22 million program will be increase to $44 million. This program is part of the Palaszczuk government’s continued plans to ease cost of living pressures for Queensland families by providing discounts on a range of eligible appliances. It’s estimated that making the change from two to 4 Star appliances will save households hundreds on their electricity bills each year, in addition to the government rebates. The initial $22 million cashback offer was flooded with over 10,000 applications already received and the government is rapidly working through the approvals process. This comes on top of electricity bill rebates of $550 and $1072 for senior and concession card holders as part of the Palaszczuk Government’s push to ease cost of living pressures for Queenslanders. To find out about the full range of savings on the table for Queenslanders visit:


Redlands has seen an absolute bonanza of grants to local community groups in the latest round of awards announced with over $570,000 to be delivered across the Redlands!  Thornlands State School P&C is set to receive $60,000 for upgrades to the School Hall, University of the Third Age (U3A) have secured $100,000 towards their new building, Redlands United Football Club $20,000 for building upgrades, Horizon Foundation $73,000 for building upgrades and Victoria Point Scouts $27,000 for building upgrades and Bay Island Community Services $18,000 for new equipment just to name a few groups! This is a fantastic result for our community groups, well done to all the groups and particularly the teams writing their grant applications!


Our new southern Redland Bay State School is going gangbusters with ADCO Constructions as it heads towards opening in 2024. I’m excited to announce that our new school has its official name, Scenic Shores State School. The name was widely consulted on in our community and tips its hat to both the proximity to the shoreline and its home on Scenic Road in Redland Bay. Congratulations to Principal Henriks and Deputy Principal Bunce for the hard work they has been undertaking in preparation for opening in 2024. The new school has its foundation P&C established, including it’s executive, which is fantastic news.  P&C’s are the heartbeat of our communities and so important to the fabric of our schools and the community more broadly.  The school colours and uniform have been developed and so much more. To fund out more abouts what’s happening at Scenic Shores State School visit their website at: 

Tenancy H20, 11-27 Bunker Rd, Victoria Point Lakeside, QLD, 4165
Tel: (07) 3446 0100
Email: [email protected]

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