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Maggies Mates

Name: Tye.
Suburb: Capalaba.
How old are you? I am 7-years-young.
What’s your favourite toy? I do love my teddy bears!
What’s your favourite food?  Schmakos are my favourite, for sure!
What’s your worst habit? I would have to say snoring.
What do people love about you? I’m a big, giant-yet-gentle teddy bear, and I love to meet and greet people who come into our office.

Name: Bella, but my nickname is Boopie – I know, it’s embarrassing, especially at my age (I’m 10-years-old).
Suburb: I’m from Capalaba.
What’s your favourite local walk? The streets of Capalaba, most days, any direction, any time!  All good to me!
What’s your most treasured toy? Hey, at my age, I am a bit past all that.  I’d rather sleep than play.
What’s your favourite food? You name it, I’ll eat it.  I have a great appetite.
Your worst habit? Greeting (?) delivery drivers!
What’s your favourite local hangout? Apart from my daily walk, I don’t get out that much, I’d rather sleep to be honest.
What do people love most about you? My warm welcome (although delivery drivers would disagree).
Your best doggo friend? None. Zilch. I’m more a people kind of doggo. That being said, I’d love to meet Miss Maggie of Manly, but Mum says she is too far away. So hello, Miss Maggie!

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