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Maggies Mates

Name: I’m Freya.

Suburb: Wakerley.

How long have you lived here? Nine months – all my life. I’m a puppy!

Your favourite local walk? Lota to Wynnum Creek and back, with a breakfast stop/break at either Coopers, Tide on the Jetty or Manly Boat House on the way home. They have the best bacon and water bowls!

Your most treasured toy? My friends’ balls at the dog park, especially if they squeak.

Your favourite food? Veggie ears.

Your worst habit? Licking all the other fur babies and their owners.
I can’t help it.

Your favourite local hangout? Lota Dog Park. Every time mummy takes me there it feels like I’m on holidays at the Greek Isles! It is so much fun!

Who’s your best doggo friend? I love all my friends including Fender, Bella, JockStar, Annie, Jett, the Louie’s, Violet…

Any funny or embarrassing stories you’d like to share? I’ve accidently fallen in the pool at home three times. The first time I thought I could walk on water, the second time I was being too zealous helping mummy clean the pool, and the third time I just couldn’t back up and turn around properly.

What do people love most about you? My loving and cheeky nature. I should have been a ’70s baby, I love, love and goofing around!

Name: Hi, my name is Ned.

Suburb: Usually I live in Paddington, but I have been visiting my grandparents in Lota while my parents are on holiday! I love it here!

How long have you lived here? I’ve been visiting here for two weeks this time, but I like to come and visit regularly on weekends too!

Your favourite local walk? I love the morning walks that Grandpa takes me on the esplanade at Wynnum/Manly! I get to chat to lots of the local dogs including Maggie, Ace and Lara!

Your most treasured toy? I have a beloved selection of goat horns and antlers that I adore.

What’s your favourite food? Chicken!

Your worst habit? Well, this is a bit embarrassing, but I really love to eat dirty socks. I also snore.

What’s your favourite local hangout? I love going to coffee at the Manly Pool with Grandpa and the Bayside Yackers.  

Who’s your best doggo friend? My neighbour Benji who is a beautiful grey staffy.

Any funny or embarrassing stories you’d like to share? I don’t get embarrassed myself really, but I love to play tricks on people! Like that time when I ate the bottom out of my dad’s pyjamas – he looked a bit embarrassed when I pointed that out to him! Ha! I got him real good on that one!

What do people love most about you? I’m really friendly and always love to stop for a chat and a sniff.

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