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Name: Hi my name is Pepper.

Where do you live? With Mum and Dad at Birkdale.

How long have you lived there? Since I was eight weeks old, when I first came to live with Mum and Dad, so I guess that’s about two-and-a-half years ago. You know, I only weighed about 650 grams when I arrived, but I’m a big girl now and, while we girls don’t generally like to talk about our weight, I’m just 3kgs now.

What’s your favourite local walk? Personally, I prefer anywhere outside of our gates – sure I’ve got lots of yard to play in but it’s just so damned exciting out in the world.

Your most treasured toy? I love playing soccer, but I think my favourite is the three little pigs house. You see, Mum hides treats in there whenever she goes out. She thinks I need to have something to do while she’s out but the truth is, I mostly sleep once I’ve checked out that the neighbours are all okay.

Your favourite food? Well, it’s certainly not that kibble they give me! I’m sure it’s a healthy option but would you want to eat untoasted muesli all day every day? I’m in doggy heaven when she gives me a little sliver of cheese.

What’s your worst habit? I do like to dig and, for better or worse, we have that lovely Redlands red soil. The ‘better’ part is that it’s really lovely to have a dig in it. Apparently, the ‘worse’ part is that I have a habit of racing inside with a bit on my paws (usually it’s a bit damp too) and I’m always so excited after a dig that I race straight in and jump up on the bed to do some zoomies.

Your favourite local hangout? I really like it up at the jetty at Wellington Point. There are usually a few birds and some other dogs to meet. I like the bait the fishermen use too.

Your best doggo friend? That would have to be Sally – she’s a cavoodle and lives at Redland Bay. Her mum and my mum are family so we have lots of play dates.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? I’m not very big and Mum calls me an escapologist. Is that a good thing? I’m sure it must be! As a youngster, I used to slip through the fence, the gates, just about anywhere there was a sliver of light, so mum attached 100 metres of chicken wire to the bottom of all our fences and gates. It’s so embarrassing – I’m sure people think I’m in jail. Oh, and I went grey very early – born black, but silver at only nine months.

What do people love most about you? I think I’m just exceptionally cute and I’m very snuggly.

Name: Leo.

Where do you live? In a big house with a messy yard in Thornlands.

How long have you lived there? All my life I think – I was very little when we moved there.

What’s your favourite local walk? Anywhere! Sadly, my family is very busy and I don’t get to go on too many walks except when my mum is on a health kick, but they never last long!

Your most treasured toy? Anything I can chew really – rope toys are fun ‘cause you can play

Your favourite food? I love chicken.

What’s your worst habit? It’s a toss-up between barking and chewing!

Your favourite local hangout? The lounge when Mum is on it, or Mum’s bed when she’s in it.
I love snuggling under the blanket.

Your best doggo friend? I am not very friendly I’m afraid, but I’ll hang out with my cousin (fellow dachshund) when Mum visits her brother.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? Lots! My family is always laughing or crying at me. I like to climb into the bathroom basin or bath (when they forget to close the bathroom door), problem is I’m too little (scared) to jump out so usually have to cry for help so someone can help me out. Not fun when they have gone out for the day.

What do people love most about you? The fact that I am little. They like to carry me around, I like that too and I am sure they love my kisses. I give lots of kisses!

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