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Maggies Mates

Name: I’m Ginger!
Suburb: I live in Wynnum.
How old are you? I’m nine-years-old.
Your favourite local walk? I love my daily mangrove walks, but more so when my family kicks the ball with me.
Your favourite doggo friend? Look, I’m a collie, but I am really attracted to rottweilers!
Your favourite food? Mostly chicken and carrots.
Your most treasured toy? I love tennis balls and if I have a chance to catch one, I always bring it back to my owner. However, sometimes I’ll bring a ball back to a different owner if their dog gets too tired, or is not interested in bringing it back!
What do people love most about you? What people like about me is my soft coat…they always want to pat me.
Your favourite local activity? What I love the most after a rainy day is to cool off in a puddle…any puddle!
Any funny or embarrassing stories you’d like to share?
We visited a friend one day after our walk and I felt so hot that I jumped into the pond at the back of
her garden.

Name: Miss Bailey.
Suburb: I live in Wynnum West.
How long have you lived there? Since coming to my furever home in 2014.
Your favourite local walk? Sniffing around my garden – I prefer quiet spaces, and snuggling up with my family, but I do like a windy walk down to the end of the pier at Wynnum, just not too close to the water!
Your most treasured toy? I’m more partial to a fluffy bed than toys, but if you want to throw me some food, I’ll gladly catch it!
Your favourite food? Eggs (preferably scrambled please), chicken, biscuits – I’m a general foodie really.
Your worst habit? Getting overly ‘friendly’ with my family’s washing if they leave it lying in my reach.
Your favourite local hangout? Anywhere there’s a chance of chicken, so maybe a wander past Pierre’s – yum!
Your best doggo friend? I tolerate my next-door neighbour Freddie – he’s very protective and loves when I come to visit (I prefer humans to be honest, shhhhhh!).
Any funny or embarrassing stories you’d like to share? We recently had a ‘leak’ come through the smoke alarm downstairs. After about an hour of frantically checking pipes, taps etc, my humans (and the plumber) realised that I’d had an accident right above the smoke alarm….oops!
What do people love most about you? I still look like a puppy, at the ripe old age of 13! And if you have chicken or eggs for me, I will act like one too!

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