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Maggies Mates

Name: Hi I’m Conrad!

Suburb: I’m from Manly West.

How long have you lived at Manly West? For two years.

What’s your favourite local walk? Walking with Mum on the Wynnum Jetty, because I love the bay breeze and smelling the salt air, looking out for turtles and dolphins.

Your most treasured toy? Ellie the elephant. I was given her when I was born.

Your favourite food? Boiled chicken and rice, plus my lambs’ ears.

Your worst habit? Drooling while watching my family eating.

Your favourite local hangout? Manly Markets on
weekends, smelling the fresh flowers and getting my
doggie treats.

Your best doggo friend? Ruby the golden.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? I refuse to get into the car and drop to the ground. I have to be picked up and carried to the car after being at my Nanna’s place with my other golden retriever relatives George and Hudson, because we all play zoomies.

What do people love most about you? I love to shake hands, and I smile.

Name: I am Bailey.

Suburb: I live at Wynnum West.

How long have you lived at Wynnum West for? All of my life, for 14 months.

What’s your favourite local walk? The Wynnum foreshore or a local walk around home.

Your most treasured toy? My red spiky plastic ball.

What’s your favourite food? Mum’s homemade mix of mince, rice and veggies, and homemade treats: a mix of bananas, peanut butter and cornflakes. Yummy!

Your worst habit? Barking at the front door for no reason so Mum will come to the front door with me.

What’s your favourite local hangout? I looooove the Wynnum foreshore, it’s the best, and close to home – so many pats to get and new friends to make!

Your best doggo friend? Franklin is my bestie. When we go to the dog park he looks after me.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? I love people and puppies of all types, but I’m terrified of the big scary vacuum cleaner!

What do people love most about you? I’m cuteness-overload and love everyone, and I have beautiful long eyelashes that would make any lady jealous!

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