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Maggies Mates

Name: Charlie Bear.

Suburb: I’m from Manly West.

How long have you lived here? Furever!

Your favourite local walk? Around the markets and along the esplanade. I cuddle anyone who gives me attention!

Your most treasured toy? My monkey – he is full of slobber as I love to suck him.

Your favourite food? A boiled egg on a Sunday morning. My drool goes everywhere waiting for it!

Your worst habit? Hmm…Mum would say putting a wet ball/toy
on her lap, she then gets disgusted by it and must throw it. I would say
it’s my best habit really…

Your favourite local hangout? I love a good doggie date at the coffee shop. Everyone says I look like a big teddy bear – hence my name.

Your best doggo friend? My many brothers, and Spency my cousin. Other than that, my parents are my fave people on Earth!

Any funny or embarrassing stories you’d like to share?  When I was a pup I got my head stuck in a bit of wire fence that was supposed to keep me out of the garden. Those things are so scary, I will never go near them again.

What do people love most about you? My big bear cuddles.

Name: Monty O’Kane. I’m an Irish wolfhound/German shepherd mix.

Suburb: I live in Manly.

How long have you lived here? Four years. I was rescued from life on the streets; I love my family for saving me, keeping me warm and giving me steak!

Your favourite local walk? Anywhere with my peeps.

Your most treasured toy? My milkshake squeaky toy.

Your favourite food? Steak.

Your worst habit? Sneaking chocolate biscuits out of the pantry.

Your favourite local hangout? Anywhere with my peeps, but mostly coffee shops, including Frenchies Café, Cambridge Lane Espresso + Kitchen and Le Bistro.

Your best doggo friend? Patches the fox terrier, Flick the theatrical superstar and Melio the well-behaved golden retriever.

Any funny or embarrassing stories you’d like to share? I went and sat at
the feet of the school principal while he was watching my human brother play football. I did not know that there was a ‘No Dog’ policy at the school.

What do people love about you? I love everyone and want to be friends
with everyone, and I love to listen when you tell me things.

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