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Maggies Mates

Name: I’m Tigger, nice to meet you!

Suburb: I’m from Capalaba.

How long have you lived there? I’ve lived here for eight years.

Your favourite walk? I like to walk around Bunnings’ Park at Capalaba.

What is your most treasured toy? I love my stuffed blue elephant, and any kind of ball I can chase.

Your favourite food? Definitely chicken!

Your worst habit? I do not have any bad habits.

What’s your favourite local hangout? I would have to say a ride
in a trolley through Bunnings.

Who’s your best doggo friend? Missy is my 3kg girlfriend.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories you’d like to share? I bark at planes in the sky.

What do people love most about you? I’m very cute and very happy, and have a very waggy tail.

Name: Molly.

Suburb: I’m from Lota.

How long have you lived here? I moved to Lota in December 2021. Before moving to the big smoke I was a beach dog in Yamba, NSW.

Your favourite local walk? Definitely along the esplanade, I get so many pats! And I LOVE belly scratches!

Your most treasured toy? I have too many to choose from. I love playing with my squeaky reindeer though.

Your favourite food? Chicken and cheese!

Your worst habit? When I meet new people I get so excited I forget to control my bladder!

Your favourite local hangout? At the Raine & Horne Wynnum/Manly office where I work, and Groundhog Social where I go for coffee dates.

Your best doggo friend? I left some of my oldest dog friends in NSW when I moved. My new friends here are Gypsy, Dougal and Murphy – but they are all much, much bigger than I am, so I have to be alert at all times!

Any funny or embarrassing stories you’d like to share? I have lots of embarrassing stories, like the time I ate the bait and got the fishing hook caught in my lip, or the time when the glass door was so clean I didn’t see it and ran straight into it. Then there was the time I thought I could jump high enough to get up onto the bed, but I miscalculated how small my legs were and I crash-landed… should I continue?

What do people love most about you? I’m always so happy to see them and I’m super small so they think I’m cute!

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