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Maggies Mates

Name: Hi, I’m Maggie.

Where do you live? I’m from Capalaba.

How long have you lived there? Three years, or since I was adopted at 18 months of age from my breeder in Charleville.

What’s your favourite local walk? I love walks through the bush near my house. There are heaps of good smells and sometimes we see wallabies!

Your most treasured toy? My black Kong bone, unless I bury it, then anything else I can chew on.

Your favourite food? Anything, but I like lunch with Dad and sharing his sandwich.

What’s your worst habit? Stealing Mum’s things and burying them in the garden.

What’s your favourite local hangout? At my friend’s house. We play and swim and eat and play some more. I come home very tired.

Your best doggo friend? Jakey. We are best friends.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? Lots! I did go missing for a few hours when Dad was looking after me and Mum was away for work. He was very worried and had everyone out looking for me. I snuck home late that night. Boy I was hungry!

What do people love most about you? My funny expressions. I can be very expressive and I make people laugh. I have an underbite so my bottom teeth stick out sometimes.

Name: Hi my name is Daryl and I’m six years old, and my brother Reggie is five.

Suburb: We are from Cleveland.

How long have you lived there? For about two years now.

What’s your favourite local walk? We both love a good walk along the bushland tracks near our place. We often meet some other doggo mates along the way, which is great fun. We also reckon these walks are necessary to keep our two-legged people fit – it’s a great responsibility!

Your most treasured toy? We are pretty simple when it comes to toys and we enjoy the classics,
so it has to be a good old ball!

What’s your favourite food? Brisket bones of course.

Your worst habit? One of us may bark too loud, too often.

Who’s your best doggo friend? Apart from each other, Massie is our bestie.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories you’d like to share? We think it’s no problem, but Dad thinks it’s disgraceful that we sleep while the footy is on!

What do people like most about you? Our charm.

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