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Maggies Mates

Name: I am Kirsty the Schipperke.

Where do you live? I’m from Cleveland.

How long have you lived there? Not even one year! Since June 2023.

What’s your favourite local walk? I’m only new to the area. I like walking around the block, we have a really nice path to follow near the showgrounds and there’s so much to sniff!

Your most treasured toy? Anything Mike has.

What’s your favourite food? I’m trying all kinds of interesting food. My fave though is when I get some sardines mixed into my dry food. YUM!

What’s your worst habit? Umm sometimes, I get nervous and I poop in the car.

What’s your favourite local hangout? I LOVE sleeping on the bed, it’s so nice!

Who is your best doggo friend? Mike.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? Ahh, I already mentioned the car thing! It’s embarrassing, I get nervous about being in the car, ’cause I think we’re going to the vet and then…well…I need to go…like really, REALLY need to go. Now I’m more used to being in the car so we can arrange ‘comfort stops’.

What do people love most about you? People like to give me a cuddle and I really like it when they do.

Name: Hi, I’m Mike the Schipperke!

Where do you live? I live at Cleveland.

How long have you lived there? Umm, since September 2019.

What’s your favourite local walk? Probably just around the block. And when I visit my doggy day-care, I am taken into the Koala Reserve at Burbank. I don’t really like walks when it’s sunny. I get too hot.

What is your most treasured toy? My little lion.

What’s your favourite food? Anything really. I LOVE blueberries, bananas, apple, cabbage, mango, carrots … so many!

What’s your worst habit? I do sometimes yell (bark) a lot. My humans say it’s for no reason, but I have my reasons. Apparently, my bark is quite shrill.

Your favourite local hangout? I like to keep it close to home, getting scritches on the couch. Preferably in the air-conditioning.

Your best doggo friend? Defs Teddy. But also Roxie. I visit them at doggy day-care.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? I sometimes get carried away with eating things. There was this one time I ate a pair of reading glasses, like actually ate them (yuck!), the lenses and nose pads. I don’t recommend that. And I’ve also eaten a cockroach bait … yeah, don’t do that. And I also ate a pair of headphones. So eating things I shouldn’t …

What do people love most about you? People say I’m a handsome fellow. And lots of people comment that they love my face; I look like a little fox. And people love that they can give me a scritch – I really love scritches!

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