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Maggies Mates

Name: Sadie Draycott.
Suburb: Capalaba.
How long have you lived here? I’ve lived here for nine years.
Your favourite local walk? Through the Coolnwynpin Nature Refuge.
Your most treasured toy? My squeaky red ball.
What’s your favourite food? Eukanuba biscuits and carrots, although as a Labrador I will eat most things, except lettuce!
Your worst habit? Losing my fur, which creates a lot of vacuuming.
Your favourite local hangout? I just love any doggy beach and locally, that
would be Raby Bay. I also love wine-o-clock in the street with my owners.
Your best doggo friends? I have camping friends, Chicka, Honey and Chilli.
Any funny or embarrassing stories you’d like to share? I once did a poo in the sea, aka Marley & Me.
What do people love about you? I’m so friendly with people and very cute (If I say so myself).

Names: Macy and Molly.
Suburb: We live in Wakerley.
How old are you? Molly is one-year-old and Macy is 10.
Your favourite local walk?  We love to swim at the dog beach behind RQYS at Manly.
What’s your most treasured toy? Macy loves soft toys, but Molly keeps destroying them all!
What’s your favourite food? As soon as Mum and Dad start preparing chicken thighs or chicken breasts we make a bee-line for the kitchen!
Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? Some fancy lacy underwear went missing one day – all’s well though, because it turned up a few days later embedded in a #2 when “nature took its course”.

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