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The Alexandra Hills Junior Australian Football Club recently showcased its commitment to youth development by organising two highly successful AFL carnivals. The club, established in 1980, boasts a rich history and has grown to include 20 teams comprising of approximately 380 registered players. Demonstrating their dedication to promoting females in the sport, the club recently introduced an inaugural Under 9s and Under 11s girls carnival, capitalising on the increasing female participation in AFL.

The 30th Under 9s and Under 10s carnival held in June was a resounding success. Alexandra Hills welcomed seven other clubs from around South East Queensland, resulting in 16 rounds of exhilarating football. The event not only provided players with extended game time but also offered the opportunity to compete against teams they may not have faced before.

Building on this momentum, the Alexandra Hills Junior AFL Club held its inaugural Under 9s and Under 11s girls carnival in July. With three additional clubs joining the event, a total of eight teams participated in six rounds of football. The carnival witnessed exceptional talent and showcased the growing enthusiasm among young girls for Australian Rules Football.

These back-to-back carnivals have not only created a platform for young athletes to exhibit their skills but have also highlighted the Alexandra Hills Junior AFL Club’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement. The club believes that fostering a love for AFL at an early age is crucial for the development of young players and the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. By hosting these successful carnivals, the Alexandra Hills Junior Australian Football Club has not only strengthened its reputation as a prominent youth sports organisation but has also contributed significantly to the growth of AFL in the South East Queensland region.

If you or someone you know is interested in exploring Australian Rules Football, the Alexandra Hills Junior AFL Club encourages you to reach out to them via their Facebook page or by sending an email to [email protected]. The club warmly welcomes new members and aims to provide an enjoyable and supportive environment for everyone.

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