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Over the past five years, pickleball has surged in popularity in Redland City, better known as the Redlands. A casual game in a garage has evolved into a passionate community of players, with the sport now deeply integrated into the city’s culture.

In 2019, Ron and Louise Jackson were introduced to pickleball while visiting a friend on the Gold Coast. Intrigued, they brought the sport back to the Redlands and began playing at Thorneside tennis courts, attracting more and more players. This led to the formation of the Redlands Pickleball Club, dedicated to promoting the sport in an inclusive environment.

The club’s efforts in negotiating with Ormiston State School resulted in the securing of multiple courts, with the addition of LED lighting further expanding playing opportunities. During Covid-19, the club continued to grow and adapt, eventually obtaining pickleball lines at an underused tennis court at Wellington Point in 2022.

The influence of pickleball has extended beyond the club, with some local schools now playing the game. The club now boasts a membership of 250, along with 40 casual players, and has gained the support of the Redland City Council.

Pickleball has become a symbol of unity and community in Redland City, uniting individuals from all walks of life. The pioneers of the sport reflect on their journey with pride, observing the enduring impact pickleball has had on their community. From the garage to a thriving sport deeply woven into the city’s identity, pickleball has become an integral part of Redland City. For more information or Redlands Pickleball Club on Facebook.

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