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Capalaba Bulldogs’ president Shaun McAney with Blue Tongue Pantry’s Cosimo De Nichilo. Photo: Supplied.


Members and players at Capalaba Bulldogs will be enjoying new facilities in 2024, after the Old Cleveland Road-based club invested in a new interior and expanded its external deck.

The new clubhouse interior has been designed by local business and club sponsor Alex Shaw, with the facility now available to host external functions for over 100 patrons as well as the club’s own events.

“Our clubhouse has recently undergone some major changes and we would like to thank Alex Shaw and her team at local provider Tea Cup Cottage, who had the vision for this wonderful new clubhouse interior,” said club president Shaun McAney.

The new interior has already proved a hit with the club’s first team, with the Football Queensland Premier League squad holding their end of season presentation at the facility in November.

In addition to an internal clubhouse makeover, the Bulldogs now have an expanded deck with full wheelchair access for supporters and players to enjoy. This has been partly funded by a grant from Redland City Council, with the building work completed by local businesses.

“Capalaba FC has been very fortunate to have partnered with Blue Tongue Pantry and the Tea Cup Cottage Group, and the grant from the Council was a big help. Together we are working towards building a truly inclusive football environment for all our players, parents and supporters,” commented McAney.

Both the club’s senior teams – men’s and women’s – will be competing in Football Queensland’s Premier League 1 this season, the second-highest level in the South-East Queensland region. Its highly regarded youth and junior academy teams are also competing in the state’s second tier in 2024.

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