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Community Sport

Pictured: Redlands Rugby Union’s juniors enjoy a training run at Judy Holt Park, Birkdale.

Sport. At its core is competition. But it’s more than just a game – it’s a community.

Our local clubs unite us on the field and on the sidelines. Players, volunteers and spectators span the generations. Sideline catch-ups give time-poor parents a chance to breathe while kids chatter about favourite players, movies, and gaming adventures.

Then, a player makes a break, zips towards the try-line, and the crowd roars, united for a moment in the thrill of it. And whether it’s a four-year-old or a seasoned professional’s shining moment, they’ll get the same appreciation because their community is behind them, always.

It’s these interactions, on and off-field, that build connections, camaraderie and community.

Redlands Rugby Union, affectionately known as “The Muddies”, has teams ranging from Under fours (no tackling, please!) to Golden Oldies (yes, you can still play in your 70s!). They’re a powerhouse club with a keen focus on growing the game and their players. This month, they’ve shared their exciting plans for the season and the future. Take a look at page 17.

Why not connect with a club this year? Whether you play or volunteer, you’ll expand your social circle and be part of something greater than the sum of its parts.

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