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Community Sport

Pictured: Wynnum Manly juniors practice their skills ahead of the regional carnival.

Sport plays an important part in any community. It brings people together who may otherwise have nothing in common, to play as a team or to cheer for those giving it their all. It’s unscripted entertainment in its purest form.

And whether you’re actively involved in the game or raucously cheering from the sidelines, the age-old tradition of competition fuels community spirit. It unites us, even if the only reward at stake is the satisfaction of claiming bragging rights!

During the June/July school holidays, Wynnum Manly Junior Rugby League is proudly hosting a carnival featuring around 350 young footy players hailing from southern and central Queensland. It’s a chance for families to come together in the name of sport and enjoy the attractions of our fabulous bayside area.

Come along and cheer on the kids. Who knows? You might witness the rise of a future Queensland Origin star in action! More on page 3.

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