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From 26 to 28 October 2023, the FISAF (Federation of International Sport Aerobics and Fitness) World Championships were held in the Belgian city of Ghent. More than 90 athletes from FISAF Australia represented our country.

Sport aerobics combines elements of traditional aerobics with dance and fitness. High-intensity routines are performed to energetic music that includes a variety of skills and movement patterns.

The sport aerobics club Industrie 1, based in Capalaba, is one of the largest clubs in Australia, and 11 of its members competed in the world championships.

The team represented Australia in the categories of individuals in the male cadet age range (11 and 12 years), junior (13, 14 and 15 years) and youth (16 and 17 years). The team also had a trio in the juniors, a duo in the adults and a small fitness team in the adult competition.

Ben Ellis, the team’s youngest member at 11 years of age, placed second in the Male Cadet Singles and earned a silver medal.

The junior trio Caliente (Summer Rogers, Charlotte Invincible and Haylee Macmillan) placed sixth on the world stage. Summer Rogers placed tenth in the Junior Singles. Baylee Caruso placed eighth in the Youth Singles division, and with her partner, Ellah Skinner, also placed eighth in the Adult Duo section.

The petite adult fitness team, Absolute Chaos, placed third and earned a bronze medal.

Coaches Penny McKinlay and Lucy Goddard were delighted with the results. Congratulations to all who competed in this high-quality competition.

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