HELPING A LITTLE LOCAL LEGEND: RICHIE WALSH - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

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While the last year has been a challenge for many in our community, Richie Walsh has had it tougher than most. Richie is a nine-year-old boy within our local community who has been fighting an extremely rare cancer since March 2020.

Richie has undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Unfortunately, the treatment has been unable to cure Richie – his doctors are now trialling further chemotherapy treatments to keep the cancer at bay.

But there is hope for Richie – his family now has one of the top cancer doctors in the world onboard. Dr Leo is an oncologist who specialises in treating Rhabdomyosarcoma from a clinic in Los Angeles, United States. His family needs help to raise funds for Richie to make this life saving trip.

My business has been helping to raise funds – we believe that as a community we have the power to help Richie access the treatment he needs.

If you can help Richie then please visit his GoFundMe page titled ‘Richie needs vital treatment for Rhabdomyosarcoma’ organised by Lauren Haigh. You can learn more about Richie’s courageous journey by visiting his blog at

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