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Dr Susan Clarke, at the Wynnum Manly Family Practice. Photo by Harvey Shore.


Doctor Susan Clarke’s impressive medical career, helping people in remote areas around the world, began here in Wynnum.

Her family has lived locally for generations. Moss Road in Manly West is named after her grandfather. Her parents still live here, and Susan attended Wynnum West and Manly High.

After school, Susan initially studied Arts at Queensland University. But after joining her sister on a First Aid course, Susan discovered she loved medicine. Her mother, a nurse, encouraged her to pursue medical studies, and Susan graduated as a doctor in 2000.

While interning at Logan Hospital, Susan continued studying; gaining a Master’s Degree in Education at QUT and completing her GP training. She then used both skills in Assam (India), spending over two years training local doctors and nurses.

Back in Australia, Susan began a PhD in Health Policy at Sydney University. Then she accepted an offer to work with Indigenous Australians in Lajamanu, a small town 557 kilometres from Katherine in the Northern Territory came up. Susan loved the life.

“It’s really interesting cross-cultural work in a small community. I meet lots of people and face lots of challenges. As Covid hit, the local clinic burnt down! But the Walpiri people are lovely, and I really enjoy working with them.”

Susan completed her PhD last year, meaning she’s technically ‘Doctor Doctor’!

She now alternates her time: spending every three months treating 600 Warlpiri people in Lajamanu, followed by three months back home treating locals at the Wynnum Manly Family Practice.

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