St Pete’s Pantry helps those in need - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Pictured: Marilyne Jacon, Pat Harris and Geoffery Smiley. Photo: Supplied.


There is a great need to support the disadvantaged in our community – the homeless, those in housing crisis, people with chronic health problems and the financially stressed. All have difficulty coping and need our support.

St Pete’s Pantry provides help in the form of food parcels to people and families in need. Other agencies like Rosies are also part of the Wynnum/Manly response. Volunteers are central to the services provided. Some give of their time to hand out food hampers; others offer food that is distributed, and a few even prepare meals that can be frozen for distribution. Monetary gifts are also received.

St Pete’s Pantry provides breakfast on Monday mornings. Food hampers are distributed each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. As can be seen, there is a genuine need for these services.

Contributions of non-perishable foods are very welcome. There is a paid coordinator (Marilyne), who works very hard, but otherwise, funds are limited. Marilyne says she is always impressed by the level of support from the local community for Pete’s Pantry.

As members of the Wynnum/Manly area, we should be proud that services such as Pete’s Pantry exist to support the disadvantaged. Making the lives of others better is part of being a good community member.

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