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When we walk along the Wynnum boardwalk, or down past the mangroves at Lota, or drift further down to Toondah Harbour, we often walk without acknowledging the environment our steps take us past. We should stop, look and admire.

Research coming from the University of Queensland has come up with the startling conclusion that only 15% of all coastal regions remain intact. The data behind this extensive research concludes that almost all of the intact coastal regions are located in Canada, Russia and Greenland.

Not surprising that these areas have the lowest anthropogenic pressure with their coast lines being so remote and cold. Australia comes in at the second level with coastal regions that remain “relatively” intact.

But if you go to the detailed research paper, on page 20 is a map of Australia that has most of the coastline in red (<20% intact) and tiny bits of blue (>80% intact). The blue bits are in the Gulf and scattered along the Great Australian Bight.

Such a graphic visual of the state of our coastline screams out loud to protect what remains. But it is as if no one is listening as new proposals are raised to “develop” what remains of our mangroves, sea grass and mud flats.

Why is it that we are unable to leave something for future generations, why is the rush to destroy our environment so imbedded in politics as the only economic outcome? As a nation we can do better, we can protect for the future and enjoy today.

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