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Winter is coming, the season when the skiing enthusiasts migrate south to the ski fields. There are dangers involved, but embarrassment might not be far away.

A work mate could not wait to tell me about his friend who had gone on a skiing holiday. She had some basic skiing skills but was not prepared for what eventuated. She needed to go to the toilet, but all the facilities were either down the bottom of the slope or at the top of the ski lift, so she found a place where she could not be seen, dropped her pants and squatted to urinate. In the middle of the process, she began to slide away, picked up speed and skied with her pants down until she crashed. She sustained several injuries and was taken to hospital. Later, a man with a broken leg was put in a bed nearby. They started chatting and she asked how he had broken his leg. He replied, “You wouldn’t believe it. I was skiing down the slope when a woman skied past with her pants down around her ankles. I was so gob smacked and distracted that I skied into a tree”.

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