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The Donald Simpson Centre, in Bloomfield Street Cleveland, has been assessed as providing $2,026,587 in value to the Redlands community in 2022.

“This is calculated by Neighbourhood Centres Queensland using a method devised by Deloitte Access Economics and using data on operational aspects provided by the centre,” explained Board Chairman Tony Christinson.

Mr Christinson said that this value was largely based on 250 hours per week contributed by volunteers.

“Volunteers are the backbone of our centre, making it possible for us to contribute to the quality of life of members and visitors through social connections and managing social isolation,” he said.

Centre Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Jithin, said, “During 2022, our visiting numbers were still growing after reductions that occurred during the Covid period, but numbers have grown significantly in 2023”.

The Donald Simpson Centre was purpose-built in 1987 as a centre for seniors using funds from three levels of government and community fundraising. It is currently unfunded and operates on its own resources.

The centre has over 2000 members and supports over 40 activities, theatrical shows, educational and other entertainment events, and its popular cafeteria.

For further information about the centre and its activities, contact Tony Christinson at 0447 177 633 or email [email protected].

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