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A Modern Refresh in Manly Harbour

The shopping centre locals know and love, now known as The Mall, has spent the last few months undergoing a refresh. As the hub of Manly Harbour Village, the centre looks smart, bright and clean. Here, building co-owner Christina, from The Farley family, expands on The Mall’s facelift and life in Manly.

The refresh has been a big project. Can you tell us more about the refresh and the changes?

Since its construction in the 1960s, The Mall has been a focal point for Manly Harbour Village, providing groceries, everyday conveniences and a range of specialty stores. It’s a much-loved landmark in our community.

In addition to addressing some maintenance issues, we wanted to ‘sharpen up’ the aesthetic of The Mall at a time when other exciting developments are underway in Manly Harbour Village. The renovation of The Manly Hotel, the construction of luxury apartments at 191 Stratton Terrace, the new Manly Boat House and the redeveloped Manly Harbour Boat Club are exciting developments in the area. It’s great to see so many new projects in the works!

Because of The Mall’s importance to the local community, we are firmly committed to keeping the character and essence of the building. By returning to the name The Mall (the centre was originally known as The Manly Mall) and incorporating the breeze-block design in new aluminium screening, we have given the nod to the centre’s 1960s origins. Being able to repair the beautiful tiled floors was also a big win in preserving The Mall’s character.

What part of the refresh are you most pleased with?

I love the unique sense of space created by opening up the ceiling, and the updated bathrooms and fresh signage have improved the centre for our traders and our community. Where possible, we’ve used local businesses, such as the fantastic amenities signs hand-painted by local sign writer Kylie Eastham from JT Signs (you can also spot her work at Cambridge Lane). It’s been so great to keep it local.

I’m also pleased we’ve incorporated some large, communal-style tables. It’s been wonderful to see locals adopting this space to enjoy a coffee, sample some delicious food and connect with friends and family.

Can you tell us about The Farley family’s connection to Manly?

Our family are long-established locals. Dad grew up in Wynnum, and now my brother and I are raising our families on the bayside. I love that our community is multi-generational; it’s pretty unique and creates a wonderful community feeling. Every time I come down Cambridge Parade and see the water and smell the salt in the air, it evokes a wonderful feeling of childhood nostalgia – like I’m holidaying at home!

We’re lucky to have the bay to enjoy right on our doorstep. In the future, I’d love to continue to help improve our local area, especially by improving the connection between the shopping centre and the foreshore. It’s important to create a greener future for generations to come.

Any final words about The Mall’s refresh?

Thank you to our traders and community for their patience and understanding as the refresh has been underway. Spirits have remained high, and the generosity of our community has been really apparent. We’ve tried hard to keep everyone updated via social media, with newsletters and on our website, so I hope the inconvenience has been minimal.

I hope everyone who pops into The Mall for groceries, visits the post office or gets a takeout coffee enjoys the revamp.

To see more photos of The Mall refresh, head to, or if you have the chance, come and experience it for yourself.

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