Local author releases tapestry of short stories - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Wynnum resident Jane Cornes Maclean has published her first collection of auto-fiction short stories just in time for Christmas. These include Cockroach, which won her the AAWP national award for best short story from an emerging writer.

Jane says her new book, Cockroach and other stories, is the culmination of over 20 years of work.

“As a teacher of creative writing and songwriting, I spend a lot of time setting my students writing prompts, which I also do myself,” explains Jane.

As a result, Jane had over 200 small pieces of writing that she planned, one day, to turn into a book.

“Covid hastened that process,” she says. “When my work as an editor and musician dried up, I looked around for another project and settled on completing this book.”

Jane grew up in London but has lived in Australia for 40 years. Her stories reflect this mixed heritage, and her own experiences of breast cancer, postnatal depression and losing her younger sister to lung cancer.

“It all sounds a bit heavy, but I have a very strong sense of the ridiculous which also weaves its way into my writing, and there are some lovely uplifting pieces, too,” says Jane. “We all have darkness and light in our lives, and it’s how we navigate those things and come out the other end stronger, more resilient, people.”

Jane’s book is available from her website at www.juicecreativ.com.

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