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Pictured: RedCity Roar’s Cubs with coach Justize Valach.

As our suburbs grow, it’s important we continue to foster that great sense of community that’s existed in the Redlands for over 100 years.

Much-loved landmarks from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s may be long gone – like Cleveland’s Rollercade (we miss you!) – but we’ve got new community hubs that have evolved so the next generation can make lifelong memories.

And while the speed of development may seem rapid, we’ve retained our sense of community. Our people’s talents and achievements are diverse and deserve to be celebrated, and our events promoted.

From Redlands Sinfonia, which performs some of the best orchestral music in the state, to the RedCity Roar, producing exhilarating basketball, to the bay with its natural wonders, there’s something in the Redlands for everyone to enjoy, young and old.

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