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Rach Rey is a local author who recently launched her first book, A Dog’s Dash.

A Dog’s Dash is inspired by Rach’s lifelong love of dogs and a heartfelt desire to assist other dog lovers in preserving their dogs’ milestones and memories. It allows readers to add their creative flair to the pages by inserting photos, drawings and even locks of hair into the book to create a lasting, personalised memory.

A Dog’s Dash is filled with so much supportive information for every age and stage of your dog’s life,” Rach says, adding “I just wanted everyone to have access to this information and a place to keep their own treasured stories, photos and reflections of their own precious dog.”

On completion, Rach was unaware of how much she would rely on the book in the coming months. Rach’s dog, a miniature dachshund called Aura, became very sick earlier this year, and along with her family, Rach made the tough call to put her to rest.

“Anyone who’s ever been through this – and I know a lot have – knows how hard it is to say goodbye,” Rach says.

During this sad time, Rach says A Dog’s Dash came into its own. When the family gathered to say their goodbyes to Aura, and they could flip through the pages, talk about the memories they all had, laugh and cry, and truly see the gift this little dog was, Rach understood the power of what she had created.

“This is not just a book for puppies; Aura was 13 years old when I finished the book.” Rach explains that A Dog’s Dash takes you through your dog’s journey, from when you become their guardian to their passing.

While Rach admits some of the book was hard to write, these last few months have truly shown her the power of what is contained in the pages. “Even though I’m very sad about my little girl’s passing, I will still celebrate the anniversary of this book because every day it helps me feel connected to her and the love she brought to our family,” says Rach.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of A Dog’s Dash, go to rachrey.com.au.

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