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A lasting legacy to help build a sustainable future for the Bayside community. 

The greatest impact we can make for future generations is to provide an opportunity to build a sustainable future for tomorrow, starting today. The Bayside Community Fund is built by Bayside locals and businesses wanting to build a perpetual benefit to be given back to the community.

In every community, the collective impact of every non-profit organisation defines that community.  The sustainability of each non-profit organisation to continue to serve the community ensures that no one is left behind. 

The Bayside Community Fund is an opportunity to invest in the sustainability of the Bayside community
by supporting the development and capability of local non-profit organisations.

Our proposition is simple

We want to create a fund where people who love the local area and believe in the growth of its people can donate, contribute and bequeath money or an asset with the assurance that its value will continue to provide financial benefits to the community in perpetuity.

This ensures those who donate, contribute, and bequeath funds to their local community can rest assured the nest egg will be managed by an independent body, invested properly and gain compound interest for the long-term betterment of the community.

The Bayside Community Fund is aimed at strengthening the community by facilitating giving and by partnering with donors to build an enduring source of funding through a return on investment of the perpetual funding. By donating and/or leaving a bequest to the Bayside Community Fund you are helping create a lasting legacy. These dividends will then be available for grants to support eligible community groups delivering services to the Bayside.

The Bayside Community Fund is a named sub-fund under the Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) General Fund. QCF provides the compliance and oversight of the Bayside Community Fund; the investment strategy is managed by the Queensland Investment Corporation and legal support by The Public Trustee. Being part of the QCF general fund is a low-risk, efficient and low-cost investment for the Bayside Community Fund.

The local committee’s role

The committee is made of locals who live and work in the community. They advocate with local businesses and community stakeholders to encourage new contributions to the fund, to ensure a robust, independent and well-governed community grants program, and to support community grant recipients in measuring the impact of the grant on the local community.

For more information, please contact the Lytton Electorate Office at:
In person: 100 Edith Street, WYNNUM QLD 4178
Phone: (07) 3915 1100
Email: [email protected]

Bayside Community Fund (21012941)
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account Name: PTQ Common Fund No 1
BSB No: 064 006
Account No: 00090244
Reference: QCF21012941 – Bayside Community Fund

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