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Many of us would love to grow our vegies from seed, but what seeds should be planted at this time of the year?

Linda Brennan with ROGI President Peter Haakman. Photo: Supplied.

Redland Organic Growers Inc. (ROGI) is fortunate to have horticulturist Linda Brennan as a member to provide best practices for its budding vegetable growers. The group recently awarded Linda life membership for her willingness to inspire, educate and share her love of gardening. She said her passion for teaching organic gardening stems from her early childhood, where she learnt to grow delicious, fresh food in her very productive family garden. 

Linda’s philosophy embraces organic growing and biodynamic principles that not only support human health but also encourage a living, healthy garden environment. 

“I believe every garden, no matter how small or large, can be a source of food and joy. Spring is a wonderful time for planting,” says Linda. 


“I love to grow beetroot at this time of the year. Detroit Dark Red is always popular but if you haven’t tried Chioggia Beet, you must give it a go. This beautiful Italian heirloom variety, sometimes called Candy Stripe, is distinguished from other varieties with its unique alternating pink and white rings inside, and sweeter taste.

“Do yourself a favour and plant sweet corn. You’ll need to plant at least a dozen though, as each plant fertilises the following one.

“If you have trouble growing snow peas – sometimes they will go curly – why not try growing sugar peas on your trellis instead. They have the same beautiful flavour with a little more sweetness and crunch.

“Leeks will thrive now, especially with a sprinkle of sulphur. All members of the onion family love a little sulphur.”

ROGI holds bi-monthly workshops where members can gain hands-on experience using different seed treatments and planting techniques. 

To make it easy, ROGI Seed Savers have put together a bulk pack of eight seeds for its members to purchase, complete with growing instructions. The pack includes a rainbow mix of cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, sprouting broccolini, a salad mix of different lettuces, basil, sugar snap peas, and the root vegetable kohl rabi.  Small packs of seed-raising mix are also available for purchase. For more information visit www.rogi.com.au

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