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Dragon Boat racing has a romantic and tragic origin. More than 2,500 years ago, the legend has it, Qu Yuan, Chinese poet, patriot and folklorist, was wrongly accused of treason. In grief and frustration, he waded into the Miluo River to drown himself. The villagers sped after him in their boats but their attempts to save him were futile. He became a river spirit, and re-creations of the race celebrate his memory.

The Manly Dragon Boat Club has a shorter history – it was founded in 2006 – but its members bring an impressive amount of energy and commitment to the task of racing. The club has 100 members and there’s a paddling group for everyone; Junior, Premier (adults under 40), Senior A (40-50), Senior B (50-60) and Senior C (60+), all genders welcome.

Peter Brown, Sponsorship Officer and former President, says that most of the members are locals, from all backgrounds and walks of life.

“We’ve become a part of the Manly seascape; everyone knows the Dragon Boats,” he says. “There’s a real sense of camaraderie and community in our members, no matter what their level of skill and experience. We have members who are serious athletes – some are Auroras, members of the national team – and members who are there for the social aspect and good company.”

Peter says that strength, speed and technique are the necessary ingredients for paddling a dragon to victory.

“We train on the water, in Moreton Bay and Manly Harbour, and in the gym. Our training must be on the right track as we have several crews entered into the National Championships in Perth in April and two Senior C crews competing in the Club Crew World Championship in Ravenna, Italy in September.”

So, how do you name your dragon? Becoming a generous sponsor is a worthwhile way to get your name onto a boat, and given that the club competes regularly in Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, it will be well-travelled.

If you’d like to try your hand paddling with a dragon check out or drop Peter a line at [email protected].

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