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Redland Museum is embarking on a major restoration of an Indian Scout motorcycle and needs your help through “sponsorship of a part”.

First built in 1919, the Indian Scout has become the machine most closely identified with that great manufacturer, which was America’s most prolific motorcycle company for many years. The 1926 Indian Scout, which is to be restored, is claimed to be the best-known Indian of all – a 606cc, 12 HP twin model.

The project will be set up in the museum as a display of a “restoration in progress” with a storyboard. The work will be carried out by volunteers in the museum’s workshop. Still, some specialist tasks (sandblasting, chrome plating, etc.) will need to be outsourced.

Indian motorcycles of this vintage are hugely collectable and valuable. This is reflected in the availability and cost of either original or replacement parts. The museum is seeking sponsorship from individuals, community groups or a selection of local businesses in related fields, e.g. antique vehicle restorers, high-performance vehicle workshops, motorcycle sellers and racing suppliers, etc. Sponsors who cover the cost of one or more parts will be publicly acknowledged through signage in the museum, the museum’s website and social media.

This is a limited-time opportunity to become involved in a unique project that preserves this classic motorcycle for generations to come. For more information, see www.redlandmuseum.org.au or visit the museum’s Facebook page, or phone 3286 3494. The museum is open seven days, 10am to 3pm.

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