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Photo courtesy of Kirstine Photography.


Local families were treated to a magical day out at The Nurso with Gumtree Kids’ messy play and sensory play event.

The beautiful fig tree at The Nurso provided the perfect backdrop for a morning of family fun where babies, toddlers and preschoolers got creative with a wide variety of textures, manipulatives and open-ended play opportunities provided by Gumtree Kids.

The colourful and inviting sensory setups invited the little ones to pick up strange feeling objects, run their fingers through slime, squeeze and squash manipulatives with their bare hands, pour and mould using their fingers and interact with new elements to explore their natural curiosity.

Lizzieland, a Brisbane-based children’s show by violinist Liz Young, was a special feature of the Nurso event. Children and caregivers alike were able to dress up in butterfly wings and sing and dance to all their favourite tunes in the enchanting gardens of The Nurso.

Gumtree Kids’ messy play classes and events are created with young children and early development in mind. Catering to babies, toddlers and preschool-aged children, the event provided children access to a variety of messy play stations spread across floor trays, standing trays, tables and the mud kitchen.

Through messy play opportunities such as these, children can engage in play at a developmental level and pace that is suitable while evolving their fine motor, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, creativity, problem-solving and language development.

Gumtree Kids runs weekly messy play classes at The Nurso and at Victoria Park in Herston, and is excited to be adding new classes at The Wellington Point Farm.

Check the Gumtree Kids website,, for more details and enjoy a magically messy morning out with your little ones.

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