BASIC TRAINING STARTS FOR NEW COAST GUARD RECRUITS - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views


The Brisbane Coast Guard ‘Class of 2021’ has kicked off, with induction and safety training underway for 32 new recruits.

The intake of volunteers, who come from across the local area and have very diverse backgrounds, all have one thing in common: a desire to help the Moreton Bay boating community.

The recruits will spend their first few months in training, where they will learn about the Coast Guard, become familiar with the six vessels at the station, and complete water survival skills. This includes firefighting, first aid, marine radio operation, ropes and knots, and basic boat deck skills. A practical training session in early October will include flare demonstrations, swimming and life raft activities.

“Once their basic training is complete, they will be assigned to crews to observe activities on the water,” explained flotilla training officer Simon Gideon.

“Our training program then develops their skills and gives them experience so that they can work as part of the on-water rescue teams.”

This year’s Coast Guard intake also includes people who will operate the station’s radio room, provide maintenance support to our vessels, and help with administration and fundraising.

The commitment for new recruits is quite significant, with more than eight training modules scheduled in 2021 alone. Simon added, “We’re very grateful that these people, with the support of their families, have decided to put up their hands and join the Coast Guard. Support from the community ensures that we can continue to look after boaties on the bay”.

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