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Residents of the Redlands are set to reap the cost-of-living benefits of more cheap solar energy with the Palaszczuk Government officially starting work on Southeast Queensland’s first network-connected battery.

The new 4MW battery, part of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, is designed to soak up cheap solar energy from rooftops in the Redlands during the day to put downward pressure on prices in the evening.

The program is funded through a $150 million reinvestment from public ownership dividends, meaning more money going directly back into the pockets of Queenslanders.

Work is expected to start in early 2024 at the Ormiston site next to Energex’s substation on Gordon Street, with an expected completion date of mid-2024.

The battery announcement comes after the Palaszczuk Government funded the nation’s largest cost of living relief package with rebates off Queensland household and small business electricity bills.

All Queensland households will automatically receive a $550 Cost of Living Rebate on their electricity bill in 2023–24, while around 600,000 vulnerable households will benefit from a higher $1,072 Cost of Living Rebate.

“By basing this battery here in the Redlands, where there are 43,000 solar systems, cheap solar energy can be generated, stored, and used locally to help bring down power bills,” said Member for Redlands Kim Richards.

“That means more money in the pockets of those with or without rooftop solar and allows for additional solar energy to be installed in our local area over the next decade.

“This battery will act as the Redland’s own super solar soaker, taking exports from rooftop solar to drive down power prices in the evenings.”

According to Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen, Mick de Brenni, “Queensland has hit new world record amounts of rooftop solar with 800,000 homes and small businesses across Queensland generating over 5,000MW of cheap solar energy”.

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