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Founded in 2018, The Rescue Collective was born from a love of animals and a concern about the lack of systems supporting animals in rescue and rehabilitation within Australia.

With the simple aim to support the people and organisations that care for sick and injured animals, The Rescue Collective has created a community of caring, sharing and support. The organisation also supports the local environment and communities through conservation, education and avenues to encourage people to get involved and make a difference.

Born and bred in Brisbane, The Rescue Collective is a registered charity which predominantly supports Queensland, and the Northern Rivers in NSW.

“We specialise in providing support to animal rescue groups and animal carers in tough times, like the recent floods, and 2019/20 summer of fire,” said The Rescue Collective’s Kim Sutton.

“Did you know that nearly all animal carers in Australia are self-funded? That makes it hard especially when tough times strike. By aiding animal rescues and carers with supplies needed for the feeding, care and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned and displaced animals, we aim for better nutrition, greater survival rates and better conservation of animal life and native land in our country,” said Kim.

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