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Repair Café Brisbane Bayside was a WasteSMART Brisbane Awards finalist, recognizing groups that go above and beyond to make Brisbane a clean, green, sustainable city with its message “Toss it? No way!”.

Since February 2022, Repair Café Brisbane Bayside has been repairing items to stop them from going to landfill. Items repaired included bikes, radios, clocks, cooking equipment, household appliances, sewing repairs, furniture, toys, lamps, leatherwork, garden tools, and more!

Repairs are free, but visitors pay for parts or materials used. Donations help maintain a stock of consumables and cover other costs. Visitors watch and are encouraged to get involved with the repair creating an opportunity to learn how things work and can be fixed.

Fixers enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of returning an item to working order, fixing a broken toy, or repairing a piece of clothing. They also provide advice on the repair and maintenance of household items.

Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre provides the workroom facility where repairs are undertaken and sell its famous Devonshire Teas to provide the café aspect.

Examples of feedback from delighted visitors include:

“Rob was fantastic, knowledgeable, and kind – well done, Repair Café.”

“Thanks to Eddy for helpful advice on how to proceed with the repair.”

“Great needlework!”

“Wonderful! Love the idea of the Repair Café!”

“Roger showed me how to fit the beaters on my mixer properly.”

Repair Café volunteers are on hand to welcome visitors, weigh and record incoming items for repair, introduce visitors to fixers, maintain a safe environment for everyone, and encourage donations!

During nine Repair Cafés, fixers and volunteers dedicated 300 hours to preventing 160 repairable items from going to landfill, weighing a total of 450 kgs.

The next Repair Cafés will operate on Saturday 11th February, 11th March and 15th April at the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre, Wynnum.

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