My local memories: the opportunist guard dog - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views


My brother, John, managed a mower shop back when mower shops were plentiful and often targeted by thieves.

Another mower shop manager developed a strategy to foil burglars and did presentations on shop security at industry events. He kept a large guard dog in his shop whenever the shop was not manned. The dog was fed special food so that its droppings were manageable and would stay overnight in the shop to deter robbers.

One day John heard that this man’s shop had been robbed. Curious, he asked how the robbers got past the dog. The ingenious thieves had knocked a hole in the shop wall and pushed in a bitch on heat (in those days most dogs were not desexed.) The dog didn’t care what the robbers did after that. You can put a guard dog in the shop, but perhaps you can’t take the male out of the dog!

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