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The Nurso’s horticultural team answers five of the most commonly asked questions about caring for kangaroo paw plants.

Have you ever seen vibrant kangaroo paw plants and thought you’d love them in your garden? Then you’re in luck! The Nurso’s talented team of horticultural experts answer the top five most commonly asked questions about these beautiful native plants below.

1. Are there different varieties of kangaroo paws?
Yes! There are short and tall varieties of kangaroo paws. The dwarf varieties are generally viewed as annuals or biennials, whilst the tall varieties are more reliable.

2. What two things do all kangaroo paws need to thrive?
There are two things that all kangaroo paws need: full sun
and very well drained soil. For this reason, they love living in pots, particularly the dwarf varieties. It’s a good thing The Nurso currently has an extensive range of select pots on sale (while supplies last).

3. How do I keep kangaroo paws looking their best?
One word: pruning! To keep them looking their best, try cutting back flower stems at the base as they brown – this will encourage new flowers to form.

4. My kangaroo paws are getting black ink spots. How do I stop this?
If you live in Brisbane, there’s a good chance your kangaroo paw is prone to getting black ink spots. This is because humid weather causes discoloration in the petals.

If you notice any black ink spots cut back to about 3-5cm above the crown. This will get rid of any affected leaves and helps to prevent disease spreading.

5. Do kangaroo paws attract native animals?
Yes! One of the best parts about growing a native plant is creating a microenvironment in your garden. According to Gardening Australia, kangaroo paws attract honeyeaters, red wattle birds and eastern spinebills.

Pop on down to The Nurso and grab a kangaroo paw plant today!

The Nurso’s gardening centre is open seven days a week until 4pm. Their friendly and knowledgable horticultural team can help with all your gardening needs.

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