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Local mum, Tara Hegerty is transforming tired, overwhelmed mothers to “Dawn Warriors”.

After experiencing the devastation of miscarriage and the emotional and physical upheaval of IVF, Tara Hegerty is now the mother of two beautiful young children and author of the newly released book, Dawn Warrior: A Modern Mama’s Guide To Harnessing Your Power and Creating A Life you Love.

Like so many other women, Tara experienced a huge identity shift when she became a mother. She felt overwhelmed, anxious, inadequate and guilty, and wondered if she would ever feel truly happy and connected to her soul.

While in the depths of despair, Tara began listening to the tug of her heart, and was inspired by her grandfather’s love of finding the joy in each new morning.

She also implemented powerful personal growth tools that have transformed her life. She came up with her unique path transforming how she felt, how she wants to live and adopting new life design strategies that feels right to her. Her whole experience of motherhood evolved.

And what she found was the evidence of setting up your day right, centering your energy and making sure you have the right mindset is too strong to ignore.

“The days became less overwhelming, I was calmer, I even felt like the glowing, balanced mum I’d been picturing in my mind.”

Through her book, one-on-one and group-based mentoring, she now teaches mothers how to live their most inspired lives. She helps them to see that motherhood is a life passage that can be utterly, positively transformational.

Tara lives locally with her husband Al and children Austin and Sienna. When not exploring the great outdoors (including volunteering for the Heart Foundation), she loves being with family and friends, chatting with Al over a bonfire and devouring books about spiritual adventures.

To discover more about Tara and how she can help you to become an empowered mama, grab her book at dawnwarrior.com/book or connect @dawnwarrior.

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