Local personality profile - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Name: Jim Gilbert.

Suburb: Cleveland.

What’s your business? I’m now retired, formerly a news cameraman in TV’s early days.

Do you have any fun/interesting stories about your job? I travelled five times to PNG and all over Queensland. After the Brisbane tied Test with the West Indies in 1960, interest in this cricket series was at fever pitch and I was sent to Melbourne to film the fifth and deciding Test. In those early days of television direct telecasts were not available, everything was shot on film, so I would film the morning session, pack it up and send it off to Brisbane, then settle down to film the rest of the day’s play and send it off that evening. It was a wonderfully fulfilling career and I was honoured in 2019 to be inducted into the Australian Cinematographers’ Society’s Hall of Fame for services to cinematography in Queensland.

What’s your favourite local dine-in and take-away? Being English, fish and chips! Sea Fuel in Middle Street, Cleveland, is my go-to.

Best local activity? Watching football, the real football (soccer)!

The last book you read? Australia Under Attack by Douglas Lockwood.

The last tv show or movie you watched? A wonderful series called Britain’s Most Historic Towns on the History Channel.

Is there anything you’d like to see happen in the local area? More visual appearances in the community by our city councillors, some are never seen.

Is there a local business/community group/club you’d like to give a shout-out to? There are two: the Redland Museum for their wonderful displays and exhibits, and forward thinking with these displays, the other is Redlands United Football Club for the great work they do with their enormous number of junior teams giving many youngsters lots of training and encouragement.

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