Lota State School science fair engages students - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views


Lota State School recently held its inaugural Science Fair, where each class from Prep to Year 6 visited the fair and took part in a huge variety of activities.

There were many hands-on activities for the children to interact with, including creating a class science sculpture from 24 used photocopy boxes, which highlighted reuse and recycle concepts.

Life cycles were examined, and an ageing app was used to give the children a glimpse of what they may look like when they are much, much older. This caused much laughter amongst the children, particularly the boys who ended up bald or with moustaches.

The children’s brains were confused when viewing optical illusions, coins were spun, and dominoes were lined up for a push and pull activity. Cars were raced down various tracks and the mealworms entertained everyone.

The students are looking forward to the next Science Fair in 2022.

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