Finding your tribe: Older Women’s Network, Capalaba branch - The Community Leader and Real Estate New and Views

Maintaining a positive outlook and friendships as we age is important. That’s why groups like the Older Women’s Network (OWN) are vital community connectors that foster fun and friendship amongst a diverse group of women.

The Capalaba branch of OWN is more than just a social club; it’s a thriving support network. OWN Capalaba offers a welcoming space for women to share their experiences, challenges, wisdom, and opportunities for education and empowerment.

But OWN Capalaba isn’t all serious business; it’s also about building lasting friendships and enjoying life to the fullest. Branch members enjoy a variety of social events that provide the opportunity to build lifelong friendships.

“OWN can make a positive change to your life,” explained Capalaba branch member Naomi Jarvis. “At our gatherings, there is always time to chat, laugh, and make new friendships. As one of our members said recently, ‘We all need a tribe, and OWN gives us a sense of belonging to a group; we get together and enjoy ourselves’.

“Our ladies have a variety of interests, and there will always be someone you can connect with. Our meet-ups include monthly meetings and morning teas, lunches and BBQs.

“A member from OWN Capalaba is only a phone call away, and a friendly face will always greet you when we meet, or you can connect with us on our FB page. New members are given a warm welcome and quickly feel included in our group.”

For more information, you can contact Naomi on 0424 060 603 or go to the group’s Facebook page at Older Women’s Network (Qld) Inc. Capalaba.

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