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Final preparations are underway for the Blue Tongue Collectables’ art show in June, and the process has helped Blue Tongue Adventure participants tap into an artistic side many didn’t know they had.

Will Evans is part of the Collectables’ Woodwork program, but he has discovered there’s more to woodwork than building structures.

“When I did woodwork at school, we made dollhouses, that sort of thing. But now I know I can make art with woodwork,” he said.

“I never thought I could be an artist, because I can’t really draw. But I can be an artist with woodwork.”

Participants are also working together on a central piece for the show, taking inspiration from the symbolism of North American totem poles.

Art program coordinator Ruby MacGregor said participants have used mixed media to create a fascinating variety of elements.

“Masks are a feature of the piece, and some of our artists have created some detailed ceramic pieces. Others have used woodwork and some have enjoyed acrylic painting,” she said.

“The artists have loved being involved in the entire ceramic process – from hand crafting, to glazing, then seeing the pieces return from firing with incredible glaze effects.”

The art show will be held on Tuesday June 22 at 6:30pm, at Blue Tongue Collectables studio at 260 Tingal Road Wynnum.

A portion of proceeds from pieces sold at the show will go towards Blue Tongue Collectables’ purchase of their own kiln for the art studio.

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