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The Wynnum Bugs Women’s Rugby Union team is a trailblazing group that is not only redefining the boundaries of women’s sports but also creating new pathways for aspiring female athletes.

As the foundation team, their mission is to break barriers, promote inclusivity, and nurture the growth of the women’s game. With a diverse range of players spanning different ages, fitness levels, and levels of rugby knowledge, the team is on a remarkable journey of transforming perceptions and banishing the stigma that women cannot excel in contact sports. Furthermore, they are dedicated to establishing a robust junior system for girls aged six to 17, ensuring that the sport becomes accessible and celebrated for all.

What began with a mere five players during the initial training sessions has rapidly evolved into a force to be reckoned with. Today, the Wynnum Bugs Women’s team boasts a roster of 23 committed players, with an additional three individuals exploring the sport’s potential before joining the squad. This remarkable growth exemplifies the passion and dedication of the team members who have come together to create a thriving community. By embracing women’s rugby and fostering a welcoming environment, they are actively changing perceptions and showcasing that rugby is a sport for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

The Wynnum Bugs Women’s team’s vision extends to empowering the next generation of girls and ensuring that they have accessible opportunities to participate in sports. By putting a comprehensive junior system in place, the team aims to establish a framework for girls aged 13 to 17, enabling them to develop their skills and passion for the game.

Additionally, the team is keen on reaching out to younger girls aged six to 12 to introduce them to rugby and demonstrate that they, too, can thrive in a contact sport. By creating an inclusive environment and actively engaging with families, the team is breaking gender stereotypes and offering girls an avenue to explore their athletic potential.

In their pursuit of promoting rugby for girls, the Wynnum Bugs has set their sights on establishing a girls’ rugby academy. This exciting initiative aims to provide dedicated training, mentorship, and development opportunities for aspiring young athletes. Through the academy, the Wynnum Bugs team hopes to create a sustainable and thriving rugby community to further elevate the women’s game and inspire future athletes.

To bring this vision to life, the team is actively seeking expressions of interest from qualified coaches and managers who share their passion for nurturing talent and empowering young women.

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