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In theatre, Triple Threat refers to performers who aspire to the triple crown of acting, singing and dancing. In the world of sport, shift the skills to marathon running, cycling and swimming and you have the triathlon, a sport that tests a wide range of athletic skills and endurance. On Sunday March 3 crowds will be gathering at Raby Bay to cheer on competitors in the Round 7 of the Pho3nix Queensland Tri Series for the 2023/2024 racing season.

Raby Bay has been the home to the Triathlon for more than 20 years and its director, Heath Fitzpatrick, says that it plays an important role in the Redlands, in terms of both community health and social connections.

“Tackling three separate sports – cycling, running and swimming – means that every bit of your body gets a workout, which is really good for overall fitness,” he says.

“Triathlon creates a level playing field for all the competitors; if you’re not a strong swimmer perhaps you’re a really good cyclist, or if you don’t have super-strong legs you might excel at swimming rather than running. Triathlon’s particularly good for kids because it introduces them to several sport disciplines, whereas too much focus on one sport could lead to boredom or burnout.”

Heath says triathlon tends to be a family-driven sport; if one family member is involved other family members either join in or come along as support.

“It’s not all sweat and effort,” he says. “The camaraderie of the clubs is wonderful for all members of the family and provides great contacts for solo competitors.”

The structure of the event makes sure that as many competitors as possible have a chance at satisfaction and a magic sense of achievement. There are specially tailored events for youngsters – 7-9 year-olds and 10-13 year-olds; inter-club and intra-club competitions; sprint and Supersprint competitions and even Enticer events designed as “tasters” for those who might be just thinking about competing but want to test the waters first. There are classes for competitors, male and female, who are bigger or heavier than average, the Clydesdales and the Athenas.

And age is no barrier. Heath says that this year’s Raby Bay event will welcome competitors who range in age from seven to 80-plus.

“One of the octogenarians jokes that he’s always in for a win because he’s outlived most of his peer group,” says Heath. “He says that he’s a certainty for gold every time, no matter what.”

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